Mar 24, 2013

Back to the Beginning

Last night, Tay and I went to the place we had our very first date.
I will never forget that day, or how out-of-this-world excited I was to be going out with THE Taylor 
I couldn't believe it
It was in July, and we had met 2 weeks before at Randy Boothe's house for a meeting for the Young Ambassador camp we would both be involved with at BYU. I saw him from across the room and was immediately smitten. A couple weeks later, after a lot of chatting, playing, and me trying REALLY hard to impress him, he asked me out.
It was a blessed day.

We went first to Cafe Rio (my favorite) and I was so impressed by the way he was totally "manning up". I loved it. There was never a dull moment... so much to talk about. (I told Taylor last night, mostly joking, that it was the very first date I had been on where I was more interested in learning about HIM than I was interested in telling him about ME. Only kidding, of course :) )
After Cafe Rio, Tay wanted to take me to get Blue Bell ice cream-- a Texas favorite that is only sold at one place in town. We went to the cute activity center at the Riverwoods and got some Pistachio Almond ice cream. DELISH. Then we headed upstairs to the bowling alley and sat on one of the benches and we must have talked for an hour and a half there. I asked him how he ended up as a theater major, because he was very different than the theater boys I knew. He told me the story and I was so fascinated by this guy!
 We learned a lot about each other.  Last night, I asked Tay about what his impressions were about our first date and he said "it just didn't seem like we needed to impress each other, it was just so natural... I loved talking to you and that we could just be comfortable with each other."
I felt the exact same way.
Flash forward 9 months...
 after becoming really great friends...
FINALLY starting to "date"...
falling in love in the blink of an eye..
getting engaged...
a tragic car accident...
a 12 day hospital stay...
getting back into life...
 passing our 1st wedding date of January 3rd (no wedding... obviously...)...
Tay singing for the first time without his brace...
10 days apart as Tay toured with the Young Ambassadors...
lots of fun dates...
lots of tears...
lots of laughs...
 and a weekend home...
we finally went back to the place where it all began. 
Blue Bell Ice Cream.
Thank heavens for Blue Bell Ice Cream.
Needless to say, we will be eating a lot of blue bell for the rest of our lives.
Oh, also... We chose a date. August 9th. Only 4 months away! 
I could not be more excited.

Mar 13, 2013

Hey look! Here we are!

Well. You are here. We are here. 
We have been anticipating having a place for the stories of #tayandbay to unfold.
And guess what? Here it is! 
Right here on this beautifully designed blog by our beautiful friend Kaylee.
This weekend we are heading to Arizona, and man, are we excited!
Tay gets to meet the fam, 
the fam gets to meet Tay,
and we will spend next Monday evening enjoying
a Benefit Concert in honor of us. 
We are blessed, honored and grateful that so many 
are willing to use their talents to help.
How are we supposed to say "Thank you?"
We think it is more difficult to try and figure out how to properly say thank you 
than it is to actually experience what we have experienced.
But alas, we will try.
And Bay will continue to try to hug Tay without nearly chipping a tooth on his iron-man-like brace.