Dec 1, 2013

A sort of kind of crazy little couple of weeks.

This week was such a needed, relaxing, fun, family oriented week! We were able to go to Houston for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was a treat, for sure. There was a lot of sleep, much needed sleep, good times with our Morris familia, lots of games, movies, and FOOD. So much yummy food thanks to Jo Mama and her culinary skills. 
We ran for Madie on Thanksgiving. It was so wonderful. 
Taylor won the 5K. Of course.
We went to the temple as a family. 
We had a blast. 
The week before, we spent the weekend in Kanab and Monticello with Young Ambassadors.
I tell you what...
It was really crazy and weird to be back in Kanab almost exactly a year after the accident
But oh so awesome.
We got to chat with several people who helped us that day, including Harriet, Dr. Bowman who took care of us in the Kanab hospital, and many others who had either seen it, been there, or heard about it.
It was really incredible.
My birthday was the 24th, the day we came back from Monitcello and Taylor was the best. 
He catered to me.
Made me dinner.
Dressed up all handsome for dinner.  I wore PJs.
Wrote me a love letter.
Got me some awesome boots.
Had a bunch of friends surprise me.
Oh, and remember that one time we went to Michael Buble. 
And Michael Buble touched me.
He's the best guy...
Taylor... not Michael.
I'm the luckiest.