Feb 8, 2015

Baby Girl!

We found out just about 10 weeks ago we are expecting a new little addition to our family. 
Excitement, fear, more excitement and more fear all set in…
I am pretty sure Taylor started loving me even more 
than he did before he found out I was carrying his child-- 
It has been so fun to see him light up when talking about being a Dad.

I've been so sick since about week 6 (I am in week 17 now) 
that just making sure I was getting food in me…
and keeping it down… 
and figuring out how to still do my responsibilities…
was about all I could think about. 

We scheduled our 20 week Ultrasound at which we would be able to find out the gender for March 2nd. 

For my impatient self… that seemed WAAAY to far away. But we just went with the flow.

But then this past week, after our regular monthly check in, my OBGYN referred us to a Perinatologist to double check some of my blood work. 

At this appointment, the Dr. assured us that Baby is healthy and strong and that they will keep checking on my blood to make sure that the baby stays healthy. 

We also got to see  Baby in an extensive Ultrasound.
Baby would not sit still! 
Moving all over the place and barely making it possible to get pictures.

But… We were able to find out the gender….

We decided a while ago on doing a paint balloon war with either Pink or Blue paint to announce the Baby's gender.

We had no idea how fun it would be. 


Thats one happy soon-to-be Daddy right there. 

Obviously, I was terrified to get hit…

I've always hated pink… but it turns out it suits me rather well… so I guess I'll manage. 

Don't worry, no paint got in our mouths :)

Surprise Silly String attack from Scott-- Cami's Boyfriend and assistant

Couldn't be happier.

Couldn't have a gender reveal without some cupcakes…
Shoved in each others' mouths…

I can't believe I get to be a parent with Him. 
He is going to be the best Daddy ever.


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  1. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I couldn't be happier about pink, cause it happens to be my favorite color!