May 5, 2013

Missing tay... And a few experiences.

I used to really love blogging. It was sort of my "place" where I could just write, and think, and get it all out there. Since coming home from my mission a year ago, it has been hard for me to get back into it and I feel really strongly that it is high time for me to get back into the wonderful land of blogging. 
I think part of the reason it's been hard to get back in the swing is that I feel there is SO much to recap on, that it is sort of overwhelming, BUT I realized today that there is only today, and I can start there. Join me.
So Taylor is gone in China for Young Ambassador tour. He has been gone for 1 week yesterday and has 2 more to go. It's been a long week, that's for sure, but I am trying to fill my time with lots of good things.
Here are a few:
I am training a new teacher at the MTC for the Visitors Center class, so I have had the opportunity to work double shifts and help her learn the ropes. What a wonderful place to work! I love being able to feel the spirit of the missionaries and remember the wonderful experiences I had as a missionary in Los Angeles.
I had the AMAZING opportunity to sing for the closing session of Womens Conference by myself and with a dear friend Rob Moffat. Elder Eyring was the closing speaker, so we preceded his talk. It was definitely the most nerve racking experience of my life. I sat there thinking "is this real? I am about to sing for 20,000 women and an apostle of the Lord. Woa." It was an indescribable experience for sure. We are so blessed to have a Prophet and Apostles on the earth. I know they are truly God's servants.
Yesterday, I ran a half marathon! Woo hoo! It was hard and my hips wanted to jump out of my body and slap me in the face, but I finished in 2 hours and 26 minutes. It was a victory for sure. I will be training for another one in June as the first of many races supporting Taylor, and also a foundation to help many people in honor of Madeline Rose. Info coming soon!!

Today, at church, and after many beautiful conversations with a dear friend, Delight, from home who was visiting, I studied the words "Enough" and "fulfilled". I have been thinking a lot about what is enough, and what it takes to truly feel and be fulfilled. I found one common entity: Christ. He is where we can be fulfilled. Because of Him, we are enough, we have enough, and we will always be enough. I am so grateful for my Savior. 
I miss the guy, that's for sure. But I have really enjoyed being able to accomplish some great things. I am so grateful he has the opportunity to share light with those people! He really is a light to so many... I believe he carries the name of Christ in such a dignified and wonderful way.
I am blessed. God is good. I am happy and full.

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  1. You inspire me! I know you're crazy busy but we need to get together again soon!