May 11, 2013

The greatest mothers I know.

I know a lot of really fantastic, loving, beautiful, and strong mothers.
Many of those mothers have influenced me in ways I cannot even explain!
I have 3 sisters who are all three brilliant, dedicated, fun, and faithful mothers.
I have "2nd Moms" who step in when Mom can't be there and help me with Mom-type things.
(you know who you are)
I have examples of women and mothers all around who set an incredible standard of  faith, kindness, hard work, humility, strength, and most of all, faith.
These mothers deserve a lot of things. Most of all, they deserve recognition, and a sincere "thank you". 
And probably a day with no cooking or cleaning and maybe some flowers.
There are 2 moms in particular that I would feel completely ashamed if I didn't recognize personally on this Mothers Day. They deserve more than I could ever even try to offer them, and they have blessed me more than they will ever know. 
Meet: JoLynn Morris and Darlene Brinkerhoff
JoLynn Morris is a woman of extremely high caliber. In less than 3 months, I will be lucky enough to have her as my Mother in Law. 
I can't even try to express how grateful I am for this woman.
The first time I met JoLynn was in a hospital. Her daughter had died and her son was in a hospital bed barely able to speak. She embraced me and said so many words of comfort, an absolute portrayal of the Christlike love this beautiful woman exemplified. I felt loved immediately from a Woman who should not have had the energy to express that kind of love.
 I knew that JoLynn was a fantastic woman and mother by the way Madie and Taylor talked about her. I loved hearing them brag about her skills, talents, and just the quirky, amazing woman she is. I will never forget Taylor, tubes coming out of his body, glued to a hospital bed and in so much pain saying "You're the best mom in the world." Taylor loves his Mom, as do the rest of the Morris clan. She has been through more than any mother should have to experience, and yet she is faithful and recognizes God's hand in her life day to day. 
JoLynn: Thank you. Thank you for raising the perfect son who I love with all of my heart. Thank you for raising beautiful children in faith and kindness. Thank you for being an example of enduring through trials with faith and an eye upward. Thank you for loving me and for being my friend. Thank you for allowing Heavenly Father to inspire you daily: it is inspiring the rest of us. You are strong, and I admire you in so many ways. I love you future Momma in Law! 

And then there is my Mom. 
Where to even begin? 
You are incredible. 
Sometimes I can't believe all of the people you manage to love, serve and cheer-up every single day. 
You are strong, loving, faithful, funny (sometimes :) ), and you have extremely good taste (sometimes :) 
Thank you for being an example to me of diligently striving to do everything you can for your children. 
I want to be that kind of mother. 
Thank you for putting up with my ridiculous-ness.
I want to be that kind of mother.
Thank you for always being there when I want to talk, for always asking, and for letting me be quiet when I'm not quite ready.
I want to be that kind of mother.
Thank you for raising us children in faith and everything that is good.
I want to be that kind of mother.
Thank you for loving Dad. Enough said.
I want to be that kind of mother.
Thank you for helping us all. ALL. THE. TIME.
I want to be that kind of mother. 
Thank you for always providing a home where anyone is welcome, any time, any day, under any circumstance. I always loved knowing that everyone knew they were welcome in our home.
I want to be that kind of mother.
Thank you for teaching me so many things. You are the best teacher I know!
I want to be that kind of mother.
Mom, do you understand how awesome you are!? You are truly the awesomest. I love you more than I can say.
To all of the Mothers who have inspired me, helped me, guided me,  been a shoulder for me to cry on, a person to laugh with, eat with, shop with, and learn with. You all have been a huge part of my life. Please know how grateful I am for you!


  1. You just made me cry!

    Thanks for meeting us for breakfast! Let's do that again.

  2. Wow! That was a blessing to read. Do YOU know how special YOU are?!

  3. Love you so much Bailee! Thank you for such kind words, and overlooking all my faults. Three months <3